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Most hurting lines by a LOVER
If u leave me alone now,
you will have to come back once with ur eyes OPEN,
Just to see my eyes CLOSED…!! :(

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Since the day we fell apart
I waited every single day
Every single hour
Every single minutes
Every single seconds
For yOu to call
For yOu to message
Not this but i expected yOu to tell someone yOu miss me
But i guess i was wrong all the time i’ve lost yewh
& nOw yUr loOsing me……………!!!

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very Sad Status on Facebook:
Im tired of trying,
im tired of lying,
i know ive been smiling
but inside im dying

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Cute lines which made 2 lovers reunite back
“Wher shud I go wen d only person in d wrld
who is capable of wiping my tears is
making me cry”

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How 2 forget
love failure.
SMOKING ? no !
DRUGS ? no !
Then what..?