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Teacher :
Y R U Late.

Al Ur Clasmates Came To Clas On Time???


“Jhund Me Kutte Ate Hain Sir……

Sher To Akela Ata Hai.:-D:-)

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Advantages of not having a lover :-)
-Saves time
-Sleep well
-Don’t have to worry about how u look & wear
-Talk with all guyz/gulz
-Go anywhere with anyone
-No restrictions
-No boring sms & talks whole night
-Free of all sily fights & tensions…BONUS – live a long life….
Dedicated to all
Uncommitted people! N lovers who r missing the real fun….;-)

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Computer Is Shameless



B’coz, It Has Hardware Software But

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Cute Prayer
Child: God, Plz i don’t want 3rd world war.

God: Why? U luv ur country so much?

Child: No God, I am weak in history I can’t study another war -)

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MujK0 Malom Nhi Husun Ki “Tareef Mgr

Haqiqat Me Haseen Sirf “Whi he”Jis Ne ApKo Msg Kia He




( )
// uff Ammi meri nazar utaren.