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“Even If All The Trees Were Pen, And The Oceans Link With Seven More Oceans Added To It.

The Words For Allah Would Not Be Exhausted; For Allah Is Infinite In Power Wisdom.”

(Al Quraan 31:27)

Eid Mubarikk To All MySweeeeeettt Friends

Taqabal Allah Minna Wa Minkum Aameen

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Eid Mubarak may Allah bless and shower his mercy upon all those who believe and are righteous. Lets pray to Allah to guide us all to the straight path, and forgive us all for verily, only He can forgive sins. SubanAllah Allahuakbar Alhamdulilah we thank you Allah for all that you have done for us, please accept our prayers, Ameen ♥

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After youve offered Eid Prayer,
Please Dont forget to greet the Police Guards who will be outside guarding the MASJID.
Eid Mubarak everyone