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How is that I cry all night,
Yet all you do is smile
And think everything is all right
How is it that when I look up at you
You can’t look me in my eyes
And when ever I want to talk
All you want to do is make me cry
Is it that you take pleasure in playing games with my heart
Ever since I’ve given it to you all you can do is tear it apart
How is it you declare your love to me one day
And yet I see you on some other girls arm the next day
How is it that you can hold me and look me in the eyes
And then turn around and tell me so many lies
How is it that you were able to make me feel so low
That I wanted to pack my things and get ready to go
How come I’m only yours when the time is right
How come when ever I want to love you. You always want to fight
How come you want to deny your love for me
And turn your back so fast
But don’t forget I’m the one who loved you
And held you in the past
When you were in pain it was only me there standing by your side
When you wanted to run and leave I was the one ready to ride
When you had so many doubts and you couldn’t find your way
I was the one who knew what ever to say
But you can’t take my love for granted
And expect me to wait till the time is right
Because I’m tired of not being your number one girl
And always kept out of people’s sight
At times I want to get back at you
And cause you so much pain
But even if I did do that
I know there would be nothing to gain
You couldn’t have stayed with the good woman
Only run to the trash.
Yea I’m going to miss you. Yea I might cry
Yea I might look at you when you pass by
But the heart you once had of mine is no longer there
You can be with them other girls.
But they can never compare
To the love that I gave you
So when you finally realize that
Just give me my thanks.. But
Just don’t come back :( :(

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