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I am sick of all the self-pity
I’m sick of all the lying
I’m sick of you blaming yourself
I’m sick of the dreams of dying
And I wish there was some way
To take the pain from you
To fight your battles, heal the scars
But there is nothing I can do
I’m doing the best I can
To get you through each night
But I can’t seem to cheer your heart
There’s something holding on to you so tight
I don’t know what to say
I know some people don’t give a damn
But I do, and if you ever need me
You know just where I am
If it seems like no one cares
If you think you can’t hold on
If you can’t sleep at night
Because the day has been so long
If you can’t answer all the people
If you feel broken and alone
If you don’t have the strength
To stay there or go home
I want you to remember,
I need you to recall
That I am waiting to catch you
Should you ever fall
I ache every time you cry
Every time the blade touches your skin
But I’ve held on to my life, for you
I want you to be happy again
So come a little closer
Let me hold you in my heart
Please smile for me, honey
And don’t let that grin depart
I dream about you all the time
Even if you aren’t here
Stop the tears and guilt
You are blameless, my dear.

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