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To be a “Good professional”,
always start to study late for “Exams”.
Because it teaches
how to manage “Time”
and tackle “Emergencies”!

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DAD:Paper kesa hoa?
SON:Sirf Q1 rh gya.
Q2 aa ni rha tha.
Q4 krna bhol gya.
Q5 nazr ni aya or
Q6 papr k dosri side pe tha
.DAD:Or Q3?
SON:Sirf whi ghlt hoa;-)

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When i Die, bury me deep ten feet down fast asleep…
Place my chemistry book on my head,
Tell my teacher that i am dead…
Place my physics’ book on my chest,
Tell my teacher how i am at rest…
Place my maths book in my right hand,
Tell my teacher nothing i understand… P
lace my bio book on my left,
Tell my teacher i tried my best…
Also tell my teachers not to cry,
For they are those who made me die… :D

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Y V dnt study whole semester
Spent sleepless nights durin Exams?.
Sahil K Sakun Se Hume InKar Nai Magar,
Tufanon Se kashti nikalne ka maza aur hai:-)