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April Fools SMS / Text Messages

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2013 – 15 Top April fool Pranks
Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day. Are you prepared? Add these simple yet hysterical gags to your arsenal before you become a trickster’s target.
1. This one’s for diabolical parents: When the kids are sound asleep, switch them to each other’s beds. Just make sure you’re there to see their reactions when they wake up!
2. Change your victim’s cell phone settings from English to another language.
3. Replace the cream filling of Oreos with toothpaste, then invite your target for a snack.
4. Add a few drops of food coloring to the bottom of a cereal bowl. When your target pours in milk, he’ll get a colorful surprise.
5. Sprinkle grape Kool-Aid mix inside the showerhead to turn the water—and your victim’s skin—purple.
6. Place mini marshmallows on top of the ceiling fan’s blades, then ask someone to turn it on.
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1st April 2013 sms message
Fool se, Fool ne,
Foolon ki Foolwari me
Fool ke sath wish kiya
‘You are the most beautifool,
Colorfool & wonderfool
Amongst all the fools.
Happy April Fool’s Day

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A day will come when the world will celebrate
your name,
your fame,
your personality and
your views.
But April Fool comes once in a year and that your day.
Happy April Fool Day