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A nice collection of new and latest slightly adult sms messages collection.

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Husband: Sit down,
I’ve got something to tell you.
Wife: What is it?
Husband: I took $50 out of your purse last night.
Wife: Thank god! I thought you were going to tell me that you slept with another woman!
Husband: It was for a pr0stit*te.

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What does a burnt pizza,
frozen beer,
a pregnant girl have in common ?? . .
In each scenario
there was an IDIOT
who didnt take it out in time !!

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A Boy Disturbs a Girl At Bus Stop
Girl:Don’t you’ve Mother n Sister at Home?
Boy: No
Girl: To Ghar Le Chal Na Pagal,
Yahan Time Pass Kyon Kar Raha Hai.

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2013 Non Veg naughty sms
How wud u tell ur GF if u want to go to toilet on 1st date.
Dear I’ve to go to shake hands with my close friend
with whom I’m going to introduce u later!